Successful Ventures

The foundation of our practice is executive branch and legislative representation, closely working with Counties and Municipalities to ensure continuity in policy and business opportunities for each client.  We tailor our unwavering advocacy plan to maximize efforts on your behalf by returning the highest ROI we can deliver by always ensuring “best effort” representation.  

Here are a few CLIENT Use Cases for your perusal:

InterSystems Corporation:  Headquartered in Cambridge, MA., ISC is “the Engine behind the worlds most important applications”  powering interoperability with Global Leaders such as, Epic, USVA, Cerner, Roche, SPAR, Olympus, HSBC, Credit Suisse, Ameritrade, MSC, to name a few.  IRIS Data Platform, IRIS for Healthcare Data Platform, HealthShare Unified Care Record, TrakCare Unified Healthcare Information System.  Available on Public Cloud Platforms and Docker.

Abbott Laboratories: Advocated on behalf of the pharmaceutical giant before Florida’s Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee resulting in the adoption of two new drugs on the Drug Formulary. Sales for the two products top $89M.

EsVyda: A complete Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring solution enabling payers and healthcare providers 24/7 access to vital patient healthcare data to help manage complex medical cases and prevent unwarranted ER visits.

Clean the World: A Foundation and Independent not for profit organization promoting worldwide hygiene, sanitation, washing hands and body, and access to social services for those in need.  CTW collects and recycles soap, shampoo and other hygiene products discarded by the hospitality industry.  Products are sanitized has distributed to communities, individuals, and impoverished nations in need.  CTW has distributed hygiene products to 127 nations serving more than 12 million lives.

Abbott Laboratories: Advocated on behalf of the pharmaceutical giant before Florida’s Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics Committee resulting in the adoption of two new drugs on the Drug Formulary. Sales for the two products top $89M.

Baxter Pharmaceuticals: Successfully represented the pharmaceutical giant – Renal Division – before the P&T Committee in Florida adding a new ESRD product to the list of available therapies. Revenue from product distribution $35M.

Florida Renal Coalition: Counselor and Lead Lobbyist for six years, first representative in Florida. Advocated treatments for kidney patients, and secured reimbursements for vendors. Wrote F.S. Chapter 627.6741 establishing the End-Stage-Renal-Disease Medicaid Program. Secured more than $100M in reimbursements over a six year period.

DaVita, Inc.: Kidney Disease Medical Provider, secured $34M annually in state funding over a 5 year period for Medicaid Claims.

Fresenius Medical Care:  Advocated for Disease Management Program for Florida, funded program, and established reimbursement rate for all providers, $16.3M annual appropriation.

Advantica Eyecare, Inc.: Secured state contract and 4 year extensions worth $20M for Managed Care – Medicaid Eyecare Program. Optometrist visits, glasses, and necessary surgery.

American Elder Care, Inc.: Florida’s largest long-term care Nursing Home Diversion Program Provider. Secured funding for 8 years worth more than $500M; Won state-wide competitive bid for Long-Term Care MMA RFP in Florida, with a market evaluation of $1.0B;  American Elder Care, Inc. was acquired by Humana, Inc., for $250M, 2013.

Humana, Inc.: Lobbyist in Florida during the acquisition and transition of American Elder Care, Inc.  Secured $200M in Medicaid reimbursements during the 2013-2014 Florida Legislative Session.

Florida Greyhound Association: Industry advocate for nine years, protecting the industry, it’s jobs, and heritage. Industry positive economic impact in Florida $125M per year. Total Racino’s annual revenue in Florida $4.4B, excluding $2.25B not reported from Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW).

Florida Society for Doctors of Oriental Medicine: State-wide Association representing the Acupuncture profession and Doctors of Oriental Medicine. Advocating for alternative and holistic medicine. 3,500 registered physicians practicing acupuncture in Florida.

IV Pulmonary Prescription Providers, Inc.: Secured $1.2M contract with Medicaid to monitor and help curb prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping in Florida. Program ran for 2 years.

Express Scripts: Pharmacy Benefits Manager – Florida representative for five years.  The country’s largest PBM organization with revenues of $104B in 2013. Secured over $300M in funding during said period.

Curascript: Lobbyist and Negotiating Team Member – Florida. Assisting and helped coordinate merger between CuraScriptSD and Express Scripts in 2005 for $335M.

Jack Skelding, PA.: Specializing in Gaming and Business Law, representing Isle Capri Casino (Fl) and the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. (Business Development Division) to help secure tax breaks worth more than $100M.

Florida Durable-Medical Equipment Association: Helped protect the industry by establishing the “any willing provider” provision as well as maintaining all funding for industry with a value of more than $1.3B

Hemophilia of the Sunshine State: Created and Implemented the Florida Hemophilia Disease Management Program. Secured $34M (2005) state funding to start the program. State reimbursements for the program in 2014 reached $69M and continue to climb.

AANR-Fl: National Association promoting Florida, tourism, benefits of naturism, and real-estate investment in Florida. State annual positive economic impact $6.2B.

Florida Society of Nephrology: Lobbied for 3 years on behalf of Nephrology physicians, securing appropriate Medicaid reimbursement for medical services $25M.

Priority Healthcare Corporation: Represented the Specialty Pharmacy for 5 years and through its acquisition by Express Scripts. Specialty Pharmacy distributing injectable biopharmaceuticals to patients via overnight delivery. Secured $34M Contract with State.

Simon Property Group: Represented 3 Miami-Dade County Simon Property Malls before local and county government in their expansion plans, construction and renovation $800M capital investment(s).

Daily Business Review – ALM Publications: Daily Business & Law Specialty News entity. Represented the Daily Review for 6 years and protected the Public Notice provision in law, still in effect.

Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc: Florida Representative, Jack M. Skelding, Jr. PA., – Business Development arm of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, $10M per year “tax-free-cigarettes” economic development program.  Responsible for identifying new business ventures and emerging markets, complementing the $2.25B gaming and hotel worldwide brand.

Beaches Foundation, Inc.: Haulover Beach Tourist Development entity, $800M direct positive impact – indirect spend of $1.3B to Dade-County’s economy. Generates over 2 million visitors per year and parking revenues exceed $1.4M annually.

Harmony Homes Healthcare:  Harmony Homes of Miami, is a Medicaid and Medicare Certified Home Health Agency dedicate to the education and rehabilitation within the confines of the patient’s home, in order that they may reach their maximum potential for Health and Function while preserving and enhancing self-respect and self-esteem.

Sunrise Home Healthcare:  A Miami leader, Joint Commission Accredited, Home Health Care Services entity providing for over two decades:  Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Home Health Aides / Certified Nursing Assistants, Homemakers and Companions, Licensed Clinical / Medical Social Workers, Private Duty Services.

Florida Acupuncture Association:  Chinese/USA licensed Doctors of Oriental Medicine.  Protecting scope of practice and advocating for non-pharmacological evidence based medical alternatives.

Global Telehealth Solutions:  Leader in Precision Medicine & Integration. Remote Monitoring, Real Time Telehealth, EMR, Hospital Solutions. Based in Israel and Hollywood, Florida; GTS offers solutions for better outcomes.

Orion Health, Inc:  With global offices in New Zealand and the United States, Orion Health is a healthcare IT Leader generating Interoperability, Population Health, and Precision Medicine. Generated $500,000.000 revenue from recent projects in the commercial and public-sector markets.

Sun Charge Systems: Innovative, efficient, and sustainable solar charging stations, with POS System, and WiFi capability. Currently serving public municipal parks, campgrounds, theme parks, sports facilities, golf courses, college campuses, transportation hubs and shelters, shopping centers, entertainment and dining venues, Municipal EMS, marinas and ports, a developing market with a $1B potential.